USA Mortgage – a subsidiary of DAS Acquisition Company, LLC – brings full-service home financing to the entire state of Missouri, but specific to the Greater St. Louis Area. As the largest independent mortgage bank in the area since 2001, we stand behind our title as the top residential leaders for St. Louis (pronounced by the St. Louis Business Journal).

Through our continuous pursuit to exceed clients’ expectations, we capitalize on our superior customer service and knowledge of the industry and our products. While we stand behind our slogan; “A Better Way To Buy A Home,” we also live by our motto: “Customers For Life.” USA Mortgage welcomes new clients and conducts business with them with the intent of having lifelong partnerships. We strive to cultivate these partnerships through relationship building and by providing industry education.

The home buying process may have a reputation of being arduous and stressful, but – with USA Mortgage – we bring our clients the ease and comfort of being able to step into a new home and maintain it for years to come. As a full-service mortgage bank, our expert lenders see clients through all aspects of the loan process, from start to finish. Performing all components of a loan under one roof provides our clients with the benefit of a hassle-free experience.

As much as we value our clients and their individual needs, we equally value our business-to-business relationships both in and out of the industry. Our connections and relationships with real estate firms/agents, financial planners, banks and credit unions are paramount in the customer service process. USA Mortgage partners with every major financial services firm in the country that deals with mortgages as a core product to accommodate any financial situation. In our continuous effort to build and sustain meaningful relationships, we actively connect through Facebook and Twitter. We encourage you to connect with us, too! Revisit our blog for more industry news, home loan and homeowner advice. Do you have a pressing loan question to ask or are you in search of certain how-to information? Contact us today! We are here to service you and provide all of the answers you need.