Ever wondered exactly who and what a loan officer is? We’ve got a short explanation for you here:

A loan officer is someone who has extensive knowledge of the various types of loans that financial institution, such as USA Mortgage, can provide. They also have a complete working knowledge of the requirements and/or conditions necessary for applications to successfully qualify for each type of loan!

Loan officers specialize in a variety of loans like, consumer, mortgage, and even commercial loans. We are experts at evaluating the financial condition of a loan applicant, and are also aware of loans that will fit just about every financial situation! We then determine the applicant’s ability to repay the loan according to the various requirements and stipulations of the institution they represent.

We understand that every applicant’s situation is different. For some, you may just be beginning to establish good credit history or you may be overcoming a tricky financial situation. Either way, we will be able to find a loan opportunity that is in your best interest. There are even times when we are able to offer applicants upcoming promotional specials on loans, or any special interest rates that are offered for only a short period of time!

Overall, a loan officer is your guide through the mortgage process. Loan officers help you decide on your budget and loan program, and are your go-to contact and friend until the end!