For realtors, there is no typical day. No day is the same and they are always on the go. Everyday brings new obstacles, new challenges, and lots of new people. From showing properties to meeting with clients to negotiating contracts, every day is a hustle from start to finish.

Despite all of this, there are a few standard activities that real estate agents are known for. We’ll take you through those real quick:

The sole proprietor

  • Realtors are almost always the sole proprietors. They are running their own business, so their days are similar to those of other small business owners; making copies, filing documents, keeping up with expenses, handling phone calls, and much more.

The marketer

  • Realtors are responsible for selling themselves and their business, and they are also responsible for selling their client’s properties. This means that a lot of the day could revolve around marketing activities. Marketing could involve scheduling open houses, taking listing photos, writing listing descriptions, posting the property on the MLS, making flyers and postcards, and even updating their social media and blog sites.

The knowledgeable agent

  • Being a knowledgeable agent means continuing to take education classes, researching local market trends, viewing available properties, attending professional development courses, and much more. Education and staying on top of everything happening in the industry plays a huge role in the a realtor’s success.

The buyer’s agent

  • Realtors who work with buyers have a list of specific buyer-related tasks that always added on to the day’s agenda. These tasks can include helping buyers find the right mortgage lenders, researching properties that meet the client’s expectations, showing properties, discussing contracts, and even attending home inspections and appraisals.

The seller’s agent

  • Working with sellers has just as many responsibilities for agents. These include marketing, setting up vendors for repairs, house staging, coordinating showings, creating and printing brochures, negotiating offers, attending inspections, and much more. The overall goal for seller’s agents is to make sure the home marketed in its best light and sold for the best value.

The lead generator

  • In order to be successful, agents have to fill their pipeline with up and coming buyers and sellers. To do this, they use a wealth of lead generation tasks like building an online presence, managing lead response, maintaining a CRM, and budgeting for a marketing plan.

All in all, realtors do a lot of the grunt work that goes into buying and selling homes and we thank them for their hard work! Looking for a realtor? Contact us and we can give you our best recommendations.