Do you want to begin your new year with a new budget? Closing out 2018 and starting the new year is the perfect time to assess your situation and set new fiscal goals for your household. Give your wallet a little room to breathe in 2019 by refinancing. Let USA Mortgage explain why a loan refinance will help renew your financial outlook this year and give you a little extra spending money.

  1. Get a lower interest rate.  With interest rates continuing to flirt with all-time lows, it is senseless to borrow money at a more expensive rate.
  2. Get rid of a mortgage. Do you have two mortgages on your home? Now is the time to refinance your home equity line of credit and consolidate both loans, giving you just one payment.
  3. Get a fixed-rate loan. Now is the time to ditch your adjustable-rate mortgage and lock in the safer option of a fixed-rate. Choosing the more stable option of a fixed-rate is a smart bet when interest rates are this low.

Begin 2019 confidently by creating a more organized financial plan for your household. Are you ready to get started refinancing your St. Louis home loan? Contact the professionals at USA Mortgage, or visit our website to get started today.