Are you thinking about buying a new home? There is no better time than the present!  Real estate is still a buyers’ market – so what are you waiting for? USA Mortgage has three great motivators to get you excited about buying a new home.

Low interest rates – The mortgage world is seeing record-low interest rates – still!  15 and 30-year fixed mortgages are continually falling, week after week.  Given the nature of the market, it’s best to get locked in as soon as possible for the best rate.

Bottomed prices – Homes for sale in the U.S. have reached their projected bottom prices.  The market is expected to begin a slow recovery, so this is not a trend that will stay around for long.  Paired with historically low interest rates, this may be the lowest we will see mortgage payments.

Smaller payments – Unless you are in Honolulu or San Francisco, buying a home is a better deal than renting, according to a CNN article.  Renting is a never-ending hamster wheel.  It is difficult to save for a down payment with the rising costs of renting a home.  With homes at a “bottomed” price, buying will save you money in the long-term in comparison to renting.

Low interest rates, more supply than demand and lower-than-rent costs are all great reasons to talk to the St. Louis mortgage professionals at USA Mortgage to get your home loan application process started.  Contact us today to find out more!