Whether you are empty nesters ready to downsize, moving into a home with space to grow or relocating to a new city, your current home probably needs a little attention before it is listed as “for sale.”  Here are some quick tips to ensure that your house makes a great first impression to potential homebuyers:

  • Curb appeal – Put a little effort into your home’s exterior to ensure that it is makes a strong impact when a buyer pulls up.  Simply grooming your yard and power washing the façade can turn an average home into a great find.
  • Clutter-free – Since we are aiming for a great first impression, be sure that the entry way is immaculate.  Everyday items like shoes, umbrellas and coats should be stored out of sight.
  • Consider storage – If any of your current belongings make your space feel cramped in any way, think about storing some of your furniture until the house is sold.  This will make the rooms feel larger and more inviting.
  • Depersonalize – Homebuyers want to be able to picture themselves living in a space – and that is hard with your family pictures and knickknacks displayed on the mantle, in the hallways, etc.  Instead, decorate with fresh flowers and neutral pieces like vases, art and decorative pillows.

Getting your home on the market is a big step – be sure to make the most of your efforts by preparing your home to be in the best possible condition for walkthroughs.  If you are thinking about a move in the near future, be sure to contact USA Mortgage to pre-qualify for your St. Louis home loan.