We are so happy to hear you just closed on a new mortgage! Whether this is your first home or your last, it’s a big deal regardless.

Even though this is all very exciting, companies will see that you have moved and take this as a sign that you may be interested in their products that could accompany homeownership. You will be receiving a lot more mail than you normally do and most of it will be spam – we’ll briefly go over what junk mail is, so you have a better understanding of what to look out for:

First of all, there are two types of mail you could receive after you buying your new home: the previous owner’s mail and mail offering products and services.

When You Get Someone’s Else’s Mail:

One can only hope that the previous owner remembered to change their address form with the Post Office after moving, but there are plenty of instances when this doesn’t happen.If they didn’t change their address, you can mark the envelope “return to sender.”

Mail offer Products and/or Services:

After moving, marketers understand that maintenance and protection services for your new home are top of mind. They are able to get your information in a few different ways:

  • Companies involved in a previous transaction with you may sell your information to interested parties. USA Mortgage will never sell your information.
  • After moving, a lot of your records will become public information – meaning that companies interested in selling your products or services can freely get your data within a week or two after closing. This information includes: the borrower (you), the mortgage lender (us), loan number, loan amount, property address/

Since part of the information recorded includes the lender, those companies trying to deceive you may attempt to sell you their products or services and will try to represent themselves as USA Mortgage. Here are a few things you should know in order to avoid getting spammed by a company:

  • A few companies will put our logo on their mail, but won’t be honest about who they are. They may offer autopay for a small fee attached to every payment or a couple hundred dollars to start the plan.
  • Be on the lookout for mail trying to sell you different types of life insurance. Life insurance policies take effect if an unexpected life event causes you to not be able to make a couple of mortgage payments. The second type of life insurance pays a benefit to you or your loved ones if the person named in the policy passes away. While these policies in and of themselves aren’t a bad thing, companies may try to present them as if USA Mortgage is offering them. If you’re considering these policies, look for a legitimate company!
  • You may also get mail for lawn and snow removal service, security systems, etc.

Hopefully this helps you better understand what junk mail is and what to look for after moving into your new home!